Fine Art Photography

I am in search of images 
that have a quiet, 
meditative quality, 
simple gifts to 
soothe our souls.

Texture, color and the patina of our surroundings stimulate my
senses and lead to the creation of environmental tapestries and 
dreamlike scenes.

Throughout my career, I have tried to create the sensation of time within 
two-dimensional spaces whether through paint or the movement of the camera. The movement of light across the camera sensor and the motion of
the camera feels like a dance to me. I create windows into worlds of the space we inhabit. These are gateways into fantasy, fairy-like places that exist between the seemingly hard and fast edifices of our rapidly changing world.

I love the possibilities of the viewer thinking and feeling about more than what immediately hits the eye – I want to envelope the viewer in the image, wrap them into its environment and then have them depart with a different experience of our wonderful world.

Elisabeth Bard studied fine art and photography at Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio and worked as a graphic artist with 20 plus years experience. She returned full-time to photography during the 1990's and makes this the main focus of her creative endeavors, viewing herself primarily as an artist who just happens to use a camera. Abstracts focusing upon texture, color and time are her main love and focus.  Elisabeth has exhibited locally, including local museums such as the Biggs Museum and the Delaware Art Museum, and has won multiple awards for her work including the prestigious Delaware Emerging Artist for Photography for 2011 and placed first and third in the Brandywine Plein Air Competition in 2015. Her work is included in the collections of the Biggs Museum of American Art and PNC Bank. She is a member of several local arts and photographic organizations in the Mid-Atlantic/Brandywine Valley region.

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