Artist Statement

Fine Art Photography

I am in search of images that have a quiet, meditative 
quality, simple gifts to soothe our souls.

Texture, color and the patina of our surroundings stimulate my senses and lead to the creation of environmental tapestries and dreamlike scenes.

Elisabeth Bard studied fine art and photography at Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio and worked as a graphic artist
as well as a fine artist. She returned full-time to photography during the 1990s and this is the main focus of her creative endeavors, viewing herself primarily as an artist who just happens to use a camera. Abstracts focusing upon texture, color and time are her main passion and focus. 
She has been experimenting with “painting” with light across the sensor of the camera using a slow shutter
speed and moving the camera as well as her body, dancing with light. So the camera is the “brush” and light 
becomes the “paint.” 
The resulting images are quite impressionistic. They are sometimes quite evocative and colorful. What is captured is not what the eye sees, but then photography has never claimed to be an exact representation of reality. Photography is, at its very best, a representation of what the artist sees, feels and wishes to communicate to 
the viewer.  
Elisabeth has exhibited locally and internationally including local museums such as the Biggs Museum of American Art and the Delaware Art Museum as well as exhibitions in Italy. She has won multiple awards for her work including the prestigious Delaware Emerging Artist for Photography and placed first and third in the Brandywine Plein Air Competition as well as being twice selected as a Master Artisan for Delaware by Hand, a division of the Biggs Museum in Dover, DE.
Elisabeth Bard studied fine art and photography at Hiram College and worked as a graphic artist with 25 plus years experience. Her work is included in the collections of the Biggs Museum of American Art and PNC Bank. She is a member of several local arts and photographic organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Elisabeth, Hello! This is Diana Smith. I met you in Lewes on Saturday at the Art Show and bought the red photograph with the wires from Cinque Terre. I adore this piece of art and especially appreciated your comments about trying to capture time. I wonder if you can tell me how you created this photograph. I am getting the usual questions - "what IS it?" etc. I know about the guide wires but did you create this as a still life of sorts? Best, Diana
Anne Ryan
Beautiful Photos. I am looking forward to having them framed.

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